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Go baby Go Israel

A decade ago GoBabyGo was launched in The university of Delaware on the US, since then it has moved along to other countries and is now being launch in Israel.

The project encourages mobility and activity in disabled children, by customizing a motorized toy vehicle (ride-on) free of cost. The vehicles allow the children to be mobile, but mostly feel socially active and empowers their emotion.


The project is entirely voluntary, and is operated by Stephanie Libzon, Nilly Waiserberg and Michael Nudelman,  a team of physiotherapists from Tel Aviv.



First the GoBabyGo team meets with the children, perform special measurements,  and pick the right toy vehicle by the criteria set by the team, eventually there are several days of work on adjustments: for example a child that cannot move his legs because of CP or any other issue will operate the vehicle with a special hand operated button installed by the team. In addition a special belt with specific support points will be installed and any number of other features that will not be present in a standard toy car.


So far the project has provided these specialized toy cars to 89 children and we intend on providing the same help and service to the dozens of parents who have already applied and are waiting.



Since the project is voluntary, it is based on donations: donations of old vehicles collecting dust an out of use, donations of vehicles from toy stores and chains and monetary donation for the purpose of buying the vehicles and accessories needed to tailor each vehicle to the child's needs.


For donations click here.

For questions, concerns, and requests or any other issue, we can be contacted via email at  or the form in this page .

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